Agape' Salon is the first salon in Broward County to test the ph of our water supply as it affects hair color and texture.

our salon is  odor free.

we use  non-ammonia, PPD, paraben free color. Testing six non-ammonia lines over nine years to bring you a gentle,non-itching,conditioning color Experience from europe.

we are Leading stylists to challenge their own industry in the use of plastics and polymers as contributing to hair loss.

One of a few salons around the world to ban the use of formaldehyde and aldehydes in defrizzing the hair. we use an Independent lab to test any defrizzing products for these Carcinogens before they are used in our salon.  

Our goal

To give you the most objective opinion we can

Solve any hair challenges that concern you

Beautify your look

Update your style

Give you the confidence you need in this market place

Show you how to maintain your new look

Keep you looking young and fresh

Inform you of new products and trends

Stay in touch with you through our new technologies


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